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Associating Games With Other Things

Friday, April 13th, 2007


I’ve usually have two Television sets setup at my gaming area. One to play games and one to watch cable or DVDs.

Recently I can recall playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 on Game Cube, and thinking of George Lopez Quotes from an episode that I watched years ago. When ever I go back to Tony Hawk Underground 2 I think of Simpson‘s Quotes, the same With BMX XXX.

I never actually beat Luigi’s Mansion, every once in a while and play it for a few minutes and try to remember where I was at, whenever I play it I remember the day I got My Game Cube, Luigi’s mansion being the first game for the system I ever had. I also remember the fact that I didn’t have a memory card until after a weak or so of having the game.

Tony Hawk American Wasteland, I beat on it’s hardest setting in 2 days. I beat it in my basement and every time I play it I think of things that happened to me those two days, I remember my brother was home and he Kept yelling at me that I’m waisting my life playing video games.

When ever I play Pac-Man World 2, I think of kanYe West‘s The College Dropout. I probably played the majority of the game listening to that album.

Metroid Prime and WarioWorld and Hitman 2 were that last three games that I bought before Getting a Wii, I definitely associate these games with the few months of anticipation of getting the Wii.

I Know whenever I play a retro game, Like Super Mario Bros 1 or 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Caveman Games, and what have you.

Anyways I was wondering if other people have these type of thoughts? Do you ever associate games with something else, something that happened to you while you were playing a game?