Damn Stickers


(from left to right: A sonic 2 damaged due to Stickies, 2 NES games somewhat damaged by Stickers, 3 GameCube game cases damaged by stickers, An unnecessary sticker on a Hitman 2 case)

These damn stickers that game stores keep putting on there used games are really making me mad Pissing me off . Starting with modern games, game stores like EBgames and Game Stop, tend to make it hard to take their products stickers hard to take off, I don’t know why that’s just what they do. But when game stores put stickers on the cover of classing NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis’s, thats a slap in the face to those who think that these classic games deserve some respect for there presents in the establishment of the gaming industry.

I had bought a Hitman 2: Silent Assassin game for my GameCube, on the front there was a sticker of the ESRB rating for M for Mature, Even know M for mature was clearly labeled on the same side of the box, this sticker serves no purpose, there was no reason for this sticker to be on the box, So why is it on there? Why would they waist money for stickers that are not needed?

dvdstcikers blockbustersticktopaperoutsideofcasefailedremovelofstickersblockbustercardboarddvdsticker

(from left to right: 16 movie cases bought from Blockbuster with Stickers, Sticker on the paper itself rather than the plastic, 5 failed attempts to remove the sticker from the DVD Cases, 2 stickers on cardboard movie case)

And Blockbuster seems to know that stickers on there dvd’s piss people off, because rather than them simply putting the stickers on the plastic cases so they’re easy to come off, they choose to put the stickers directly on the paper cover clip, to make sure if you try to peal them off you tare of some of the movie description with it. Also If blockbuster puts there stickers on the special Warner Brothers DVD cases, they are nearly imposable to get off, but that’s partially not their fault, but the fault of warner bros. for trying to brake down the standers of the DVD casing industry.

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